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K-TAC Tactical Pen without cap K-TAC Tactical Pen without cap
Tactical Pen for immediate writing, no cap necessary.
£21.72 *
Portable Alarm Portable Alarm
Lightweight, portable alarm to increase the personal safety. Pull...
£11.81 *
Handcuff zip ties Handcuff zip ties
Heavy Duty disposable black handcuff zip ties High tear strength,...
£1.49 *
K-TAC Bag Large K-TAC Bag Large
In canvas look, made of high-grade synthetic fabric with vinyl....
£24.30 *
Schutzweste Move Light K-Tac Protective Vest Move Light
This high quality, lightweight vest (800 grams) was developed...
£79.83 *
Self-defense Umbrella Self-defense Umbrella
Extremely durable and stylish umbrella. The advantages of this...
£83.21 *
K-TAC Tactical Pen K-TAC Tactical Pen
Tactical Pen, the stable tip can be used as a Kubotan or as glass...
£21.72 *
K-Tac Telescope Stick Training K-Tac Telescope Stick Training
Telescope Stick black is threeparted and can be extended by swift...
£30.25 *
K-TAC Training Soft Stick K-TAC Training Soft Stick
The robust about 50 cm long baton is covered with real leather and...
£24.69 *
K-TAC Tactical Pant K-TAC Tactical Pant
Developed with specialists of governmental duty training. Highly...
£41.56 *
K-TAC Tactical Jacket black K-TAC Tactical Jacket black
Vest with short cut sleeves. Developed with specialists of...
£58.41 *
K-TAC T-Shirt Defense System K-TAC T-Shirt Defense System
Lightweight cotton shirt K-TAC with round neck.
£13.39 *
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Sometimes you just need slightly more - more safety, more strength, more functionality. This is true for the classical combat sports as well as for tactical- and security training. With more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of clothing and accessories in the field of combat sports, the KWON KG now rises to this new challenge and, with the K-TAC label, presents its first line of clothing items specifically for the security and tactical field. And not only that: in addition to clothing, there are also numerous practical accessories to choose from.

For whom and what are the products by K-TAC made for?

Security services, bodyguard, authorities and combat sport athletes use the K-TAC products for their tough martial arts and self defence training. For, the highest demands are made on clothing and equipment here. Everything must work reliably and without interference during daily hard use, for; even small defects can sometimes have devastating effects on the safety of those wearing them and of other persons. Therefore, we have extremely emphasized high quality in the design and manufacture of K-TAC line products. Only selected, tested, and materials found to be top notch are used, coupled with unparalleled workmanship. Thus, you can rely on K-TAC products at any time.

Here are some examples from the current assortment:

Tactical Pants

Even seemingly ordinary clothing items such as long pants must perform a variety of tasks in the fields of security and tactical. On the one hand they should easily hold the entire equipment of the person carrying it, but should not interfere with his freedom of movement on the other hand and they should be very durable. Precisely these are the attributes applying to the clothing by K-TAC! In numerous practical pockets you easily stow all items, from tactical ballpoint pen to the obligatory bunch of keys up to the flashlight or mobile phone. All clothing items are kept in subtle, dark colours. KWON KG buys high-quality special material for these trousers in fabric rolls, and subsequently has these pants manufactured by experienced seamstresses in Europe.


For special missions you need a special overall. The overalls made of robust and yet comfortable fabrics have many pockets and therefore adapt to any equipment in an optimal way.

Batons for training & use

K-TAC keeps several baton models for training ready for you; ranging from the simple, lightweight training baton to the professional model for realistic self-defence and personal security training.

Body protection

Self protection is a top priority in the security industry. K-TAC's body protection products take account of this maxim. Whether protection vest or special cushion against the use of blunt weapons – here you will find the necessary equipment in outstanding quality and fit.  

Practical accessories

The extensive K-TAC assortment is complemented by numerous practical accessories like for example, tactical pens, bags, etc., which you can use for your daily work or for training as well. All the products are specially designed to fulfil the tough requirements in the field of tactical and security.

Conclusion: When it comes to your turnout gear opt for the experience of real professionals!

With the K-TAC brand the traditional manufacturer KWON KG pursues the logical step from combat sports and MMA apparel to extremely reliable and high quality workout clothes and training equipment respectively in the fields of security and tactical.

The development of these products is carried out in cooperation with self defence specialists, trainers for authorities and personal protection- and security service providers respectively. This way it is guaranteed that you can always rely on your equipment 100% - to your own safety!