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Fly Target Fly Target
Very light weight target, especially made for Kids and Teens...
£36.59 *
Junior Target yellow Junior Target yellow
These lightweight KWON CLUBLINE sparring pillows bring a splash of...
£12.79 *
Strike Shield 2 sizes Strike Shield 2 sizes
For kicks-to-the-body training, lower body and full power...
From £53.05 *
Schlagkissen DSK schwarz DANRHO Curved Body Shield DSK
Curved Strike Shield - sturdy PVC vinyl shell filled with a...
£40.16 *
K-Pad Body Shield K-Pad Body Shield
Made of premium, extremely durable synthetic leather. Round shield...
£22.31 *
Schlagkissen DANRHO Strike Shield
Touch strike shield which features excellent finishing. Made of...
£48.10 *
Curved Body Shield black Curved Body Shield black
The approx. 800 grams lightweight strike shield can be used...
£39.57 *
Curved Body Shield blue Curved Body Shield blue
Body shield with Target Point in red color in the center, made of...
£39.57 *
Arm Mitt DANRHO Arm-Mitt
Arm pad with grip strip and strap. Thickly padded. Upper made of...
From £18.35 *
DANRHO Kid's Strike Shield DANRHO Kid's Strike Shield
Attractive kick target especially for kids training. Strong PVC...
£22.31 *
DANRHO Wall strike pad Makiwara DANRHO Wall strike pad Makiwara
Wall striking bag for punch training, e.g. edge of hand and finger...
£13.78 *
Multi Function Shield Multi Function Shield small
The Shields consist of 2 shields and a special carrying belt. The...
£87.76 *
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