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Springseil schwarz Skipping rope SP
Fast yet lightweight jump rope with plastic handles and vinyl cord.
£7.83 *
Bronx skipping rope Bronx skipping rope
PVC-coated steel rope for rapid rotation. Twin eyes on plastic...
£9.43 * £10.81 *
Wrist and ankle weights Wrist and ankle weights
Rugged nylon fabric, filled with iron granules.
From £12.40 *
Quickband Quickband
An ideal supplementary training programme for fitness and all...
From £19.34 *
Springseil DANRHO Skipping Rope
Springseil mit Holzgriff und drehbarer Verbindung zum Seil....
£5.86 *
Professional Jump Rope Professional Jump Rope
Rope from 90 degrees vertical swivel cord and rope knot wire...
£12.79 *
Medicine Ball 5 KG, red Medicine Ball 5 KG, red
Upper made of genuine leather. The medicine ball is suitable for...
£50.48 *
Springseil DANRHO Jump rope
Features rubber-encased wooden grips and swivel connection to rope.
£12.40 *
Training ball Training ball
The Training ball is made of high quality artifical leather, very...
From £59.00 *
Medicine Ball 3 KG, black Medicine Ball 3 KG, black
Upper made of genuine cowhide leather. Ideal training equipment for...
£33.23 *
Lederspringseil Leather skipping rope
Sturdy wooden handles with ball bearings.
£15.38 *
Parcour-Set Parcour-Set
With KWON CLUBLINE Hurdles set, an individual slalom or hurdle...
£55.43 *
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