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Inspired by the Art of Taekwondo, the martial arts brand KWON was founded  in the year 1976. KWON became registered on a national and international level in 1980. 

Among one of the first in Germany, KWON started practicing the art of Taekwondo in 1965. During the same year a team of some of the most famous Grand Masters from Korea traveled through Europe to promote Taekwondo to the Western world. Therefore 1965 became an important year for Taekwondo in Europe. Since then Korean Taekwondo instructors have been teaching their students in Europe - with great success. 

Over the course of the years KWON has developed a huge variety of products, which covers products for nearly all styles of martial arts in the world. 

Professional high-tech product development promises functional high quality products for the martial arts. Our Quality-Securing-System has ensured steady and high quality throughout the years. 

Today, here at KWON we are an innovative enterprise with 200-page catalog, offering you a well-balanced product range in the fields of martial arts equipment, clothing, fitness wear and accessories.








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