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Ideal suit for young Martial Artists. Jacket with Velcro on reverse...
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DRACHENKRALLE Coaching Mitt purple DRACHENKRALLE Coaching Mitt purple
The lightweight and very soft hand target for children aged 3 to 6...
DRACHENKRALLE Kick Blocker purple DRACHENKRALLE Kick Blocker purple
The stable Kick Blocker with nylon covering with a cool glossy look...
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Combat sports are not for adults only. On the contrary: just these sport are ideal for children and young people, thus they do not only become physically fit, but strongly benefit in the development of their psyche. And last but not least, children also have a lot of fun at combat sports; they can compete with others and get lots of action.

With its "Drachenkralle" brand KWON KG presents a line of combat sports equipment especially for very young children at pre-school age 3 to 6 years. In addition to the usual high quality of all products and brands of KWON KG, the characteristic of the products of the Drachenkralle brand is its expressive logo, which - of course - symbolizes the claw of a dragon. It is the symbol of strength and power, those qualities that children get from the outset in the combat sports.

Why combat sports are an ideal activity for children

We have already addressed it: combat sports are ideally suited to help children find their way in life, to give them confidence and to make them physically and mentally strong. But why is that? Childhood, just like the following adolescence, is a kind of permanent orientation phase, in which a human being grows up, has to find his way in life by himself and develops his own personality. Of course, in most cases, all of this does not happen smoothly. Who can say of himself that he never had problems with peers, parents, siblings, or teachers in his childhood and adolescence?

The good news: Sports - and in particular the martial arts - help finding one’s own identity. Through sports activities children learn about their bodies as well as their physical and mental limits and develop more self confidence. Body functions such as speed, endurance, and reflexes are specifically stimulated, the entire attitude improves. And finally sports also protect against disease and the consequences of accidents - a trained body can simply better cope with them. Moreover, kids experience something that only exists in combat sports: there in particular, they learn to be self-assertive and in most courses they are already slowly being familiarized with self defence elements or techniques.

Innovations from Drachenkralle especially for the children combat sports

In spite of all learning effects, in combat sports for children and adolescents safety comes first. The products by KWON KG are specially designed to take these requirements into account and ensure that children aged 3-6 years can safely learn the various combats sports techniques.

A good example of this are the Drachenkralle kick blocker - specially padded batons with soft foam cladding, which can absorb lots of impact energy. In addition, the kick blocker is also equipped with a sturdy cord at the end of the handle for better handling. This reduces the risk of the baton slipping from the hand and hurting other children. The foam padding is precisely designed to almost completely absorb the impact energy, which children aged 3-6 years can apply with this tool, thus reducing the risk of injury to a minimum. The kick blocker is available in various attractive colours, always printed with the distinctive Drachenkralle logo.

The same applies to the Drachenkralle paw by the way. This is a specially designed punching pad for punching practice by children aged 3 to 6 years that is equipped with a sturdy grip and an extra strap on the back. The strap prevents the claw from slipping out of the hand during fast movements. The upholstery was also tailored to the needs of children in combat sports and is therefore relatively soft and lightweight. The punching pad is upholstered with a hard-wearing synthetic in attractive glossy finish which is also very soft, thereby largely avoiding scraping or roughening kids’ small hands. The pad is relatively large for children and thus easy for the children to hit, so that the children will experience many beautiful successes by hitting the paw. Of course the punching pad also shows the typical Drachenkralle ogo. The claw is suitable for use in almost all children combat sports training.


When it comes to combat sports uniforms, KWON KG, under its Drachenkralle Line, offers its own thoughtful and high-quality solution for children age 3 to 6 years:The Drachenkralle uniform allows much flexibility for your child so that all movements can be learnt under optimal conditions. To that end, the pants possess an elastic cord waistband and the jacket is equipped with practical Velcro fasteners facilitating dressing and undressing and provides for high wearing comfort.  The uniform is available in two attractive colour combinations and sizes from 80 to 140 cm. On the jacket and belt the typical Drachenkralle logo shines forth, the back can be printed individually at one’s own option. We are absolutely sure: your child will also love this uniform!

Treat your child to something good and of high quality and opt for the products by Drachenkralle - engineered by one of the most experienced manufacturers of combat sports products in Germany, the KWON KG!