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Schlagstock Schaumstoff Softstick
The approximately 60 cm long padded baton is perfect for stick...
£12.40 *
Stick Medium 55 cm Stick Medium 55 cm
Foam stick Medium for simulation of training with open telescope...
£9.43 *
Police Tonfa Secure Police Tonfa Secure
Made of extra strong hard-plastic material with removable hook and...
£16.76 *
Kubotan Schlüsselanhänger Kubotan Key Chain
For Self Defence and Self Defence Traning.
£7.83 *
Schutzweste Move Light Protective Vest Move Light
This high quality, lightweight vest (800 grams) was developed...
£79.83 *
Stick Sparring 22 cm Stick Sparring 22 cm
For simulation of training with Kobutan or closed telescope stick.
£6.84 *
Rattan Stick With Nylon Cover Rattan Stick With Nylon Cover
Baton with core made of rattan covered with foam material and...
£25.29 *
K-TAC Training Bag K-TAC Training Bag
In canvas look, made of high-grade synthetic fabric with vinyl....
£17.76 * £24.30 *
K-Tac Telescope Stick Training K-Tac Telescope Stick Training
Telescope Stick black is threeparted and can be extended by swift...
£30.25 *
K-TAC Training Soft Stick K-TAC Training Soft Stick
The robust about 50 cm long baton is covered with real leather and...
£24.69 *
T-Shirt Print Security or KWON T-Shirt Print Security or KWON
Cotton-Shirt with small KWON-Logo on the front. On the Back...
£7.44 * £9.82 *
Schlagstock Sparring Sparring Stick
Resilient truncheon in solid foam rubber shell with additional...
£11.40 *
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