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Kickboxing / Thaiboxing / Muay Thai - Training

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Bronx skipping rope Bronx skipping rope
PVC-coated steel rope for rapid rotation. Twin eyes on plastic...
£10.41 *
Coaching Mitt Cushion Coaching Mitt Cushion
Oval focus mitt of high-quality leather.
£33.23 *
Springseil schwarz Skipping rope SP
Fast yet lightweight jump rope with plastic handles and vinyl cord.
£7.44 *
Coaching Mitt round Coaching Mitt round
Coated with black PVC. With one wrist loop and one reinforced grip...
£22.71 *
Doppel Coaching Mitt Coaching Mitt Contender
Made of high quality artificial leather with extra dense foam core....
£30.25 *
Coaching mitt black-white Coaching mitt black-white
Made from 4 cm thick foam, tops in black synthetic leather. Wrist...
£15.77 *
Coaching mitt Twist Coaching mitt Twist
High-quality leather. Slightly curved to provide an optimal...
£35.61 *
Kettlebell Kettlebell
Developed in Russia, this easy to handle training tool will help...
From £20.73 *
Arm Mitt Dark Line Arm Mitt Dark Line
Developed for heavy duty full contact training. Outer material made...
£28.26 *
Coaching mitt Anthracite Coaching mitt Anthracite
Padding approx. 3 cm. Combination of leather (sides) and vinyl....
£20.33 *
Coaching Mitt / Handpratze DANRHO Coaching Mitt Grip
Focus mitt with a very shock absorbing target area (approx. 6 cm)...
£32.23 *
Arm Mitt Arm Mitt Tough
Black Thai Style Arm Mitt made of high quality leather. Strong,...
£71.31 *
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