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Kampfrichter Fähnchen Judge's Flags with wooden Poles
In three colours for visual display in competitions.
£3.90 *
Certificate Certificate
In subtle colour, DIN A 4 format, printed on extra-heavy cardboard...
£0.90 *
DANRHO Competition Zone Marking Stripe DANRHO Competition Zone Marking Stripe
PVC, red. 66 m long, 75 mm wide
£7.50 *
Trillerpfeife Referee's whistle
Perfect for sports and leisure.
£4.50 *
Tischgong Table-top gong
Table-top gong, Comprising stand, gong and hammer (metal). Dia....
£39.50 *
Portable Alarm Portable Alarm
Lightweight, portable alarm to increase the personal safety. Pull...
£11.50 *
Aufkleber KWON KWON Sticker
Pack with 10 pcs. transparent, 10 pcs. white and 10 pcs. black
£3.90 *
Telecontrol for Fight Timer Telecontrol for Fight Timer
Infrared telecontrol for Fight Timer (331504005). Range: 15m. Power...
£56.50 *
KWON Sport first aid kit KWON Sport first aid kit
The small and handy KWON bag is equipped with important utensils...
£24.50 *
KWON Professional Boxing Banner Professional Boxing Banner
Promotion Banner made of 500g PVC, Colour: Black with white...
£31.50 *
RHODE TATAMI Banner, 300 x 80 cm RHODE TATAMI Banner, 300 x 80 cm
Promotion Banner made of durable plastic material
£20.50 *
XXL Boxhandschuhe Deko XXL Deco Boxing Gloves
Display BIG Boxing gloves. Perfect for gifts and to dispaly in your...
£23.50 *
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