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Aluminum knife, short version Aluminum knife, short version
Aluminium knife for realistic self-defense training, unsharpened...
£8.43 *
Gummimesser Training gross Rubber Knife
Rubber Knife, small approx. 24 cm, large approx. 27 cm
From £3.87 *
White Lotus Bo White Lotus Bo with tapered ends
Fashioned from lightweight lotus wood to provide a good grip....
From £16.76 *
Realistic Training Pistol Realistic Training Pistol
Heavy plastic pistol realistic appearance regarding optics and...
£16.36 *
Shark knife Shark knife
Wooden trainingknife with EVA foam covering.
£13.78 *
Aluminum knife, long version Aluminum knife, long version
For realistic self-defense training, unsharpened and very blunt,...
£12.79 *
Curved knife Curved knife
Wooden trainingknife with EVA foam covering.
£13.78 *
Training Boot Knife Training Boot Knife
Training Boot Knife, Realistic Training unsharpened Boot knife made...
£7.83 *
Plastik Pistole Plastic pistol
Perfect for selfdence training. Comfortable grip, very robust...
£12.79 *
DANRHO Wooden pistol DANRHO Wooden pistol
Wooden pistol, Functional and sturdy wooden training pistol....
£6.45 *
Sai Gabel Tasche Sai case
Sai case, black vinyl with zipper fastener.
£19.73 *
DANRHO Sai Daggers chrome DANRHO Sai Daggers chrome
Leather wrapped handles. Sais made of chrome, featuring octagon or...
£48.10 *
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