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Rubber Knife in 2 Lengths Rubber Knife in 2 Lengths
Realistic hard rubber training knife is ideal for self-defense...
from £8.83
Aluminum Knife Long Aluminum Knife Long
Perfectly training knife is for realistic self-defense training.
Training Knife Survival Training Knife Survival
The realistic-looking blunt exercise knife made of aluminum is...
Training Boot Knife Training Boot Knife
Realistic-looking blunt dagger made of heavy aluminum is suitable...
Tanto Holz Tanto Wood, red oak
Short Japanese dagger used in self-defense training and...
Foam Knife EVA Foam Knife EVA
Training knife made of EVA foam is suitable for the training of...
Aluminum Knife Short Aluminum Knife Short
Aluminium knife for realistic self-defense training, unsharpened...
Foam Knife XPE Foam Knife XPE
Training knife made of XPE foam is suitable for the training of...
Plastic Gun Plastic Gun
With the realistic plastic pistol disarming an attacker is...
White Lotus Bo White Lotus Bo with tapered ends
Fashioned from lightweight lotus wood to provide a good grip....
from £25.68
Kobutan Bavaria Kobutan Bavaria
This Kubotan made of beech wood is a good self-defense and training...
Sai Gabel Tasche Sai Case
Two Sai daggers can be safely stored in the carrying case.
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