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Kung-Fu Schwert Holz Kung Fu Sword wood
Traditional weapon from China for the Kung Fu or Wu Shu training...
£22.31 *
Stock Gun Stick Gun
Natural grown rosewood
£12.40 *
Hanbo Hanbo with tapered ends, red oak
The approx. 110 cm long red oak Japanese wooden weapon is suitable...
£13.78 *
DANRHO Tai Chi Sword DANRHO Tai Chi Sword
Wooden Tai Chi Swoad made from a single piece of wood.
£20.73 *
Teleskop Schwert Telescoping Sword Wu-Gong
Includes black imitation leather satchel
£32.23 *
Tai Chi sword wood Tai Chi sword wood
Tai Chi sword wood, length approx. 85 cm
£27.28 *
Bo Stick, rattan Bo Stick, rattan
The lightweight and flexible longstock is mainly used in Chinese...
£21.72 *
Katana Samurai Sword Katana Samurai Sword
Ground stainless steel blade, corrugated. Price includes scabbard....
£101.06 *
Schwertständer Stand for two swords
Easy assembly. Delivery without swords. Black laquered finish
£21.33 *
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