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Arnis Stick with burnt spiral Arnis Stick with burnt spiral
Stick with burnt spiral is made of high quality red oak.
Escrima Stick Bavaria Escrima Stick Bavaria
Escrima stick Bavaria made of German red oak, produced by a...
Escrima Stock Escrima Stick black
Robust oak stick is available in black. The short stick is suitable...
DANRHO Escrima Bag DANRHO Escrima Bag
Outer made of artificial leather, without any logos. High...
Kopfschutz mit Top Pad Head Guard Black Line with Top Pad
Vinyl upper. With jaw and chin protection, Very good fit through...
Kali Head Guard Kali Head Guard
Traditional Kali headgear with metal visor protects the head, face...
Kali Weste Kali Vest
Traditional training vest for Kali and other stickfighting martial...
Arnisstock Brandmuster Arnis Stick Rattan
Lightweight rattan stick with wrap-around burnt design is ideal for...
Rattan Stick Premium Rattan Stick Premium
These high-quality poles of natural, unpeeled rattan with bevelled...
Escrima Gloves | Forearm Protection Escrima Gloves | Forearm Protection
The three-part padded single finger with links guarantee optimal...
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Arnis Stock Rattan Arnis Stick Rattan
The lightweight rattan stick is ideal for weapon training in...
Kali Stock Kali Stick
Stick for the Filipino art of Kali training in 59 cm or 71 cm length.
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