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Dojo-Line Junior Target Dojo-Line Junior Target
Available in 4 vibrant colors, these lightweight DANRHO sparring...
£10.50 * £13.39 *
Judo Tube DANRHO Judo Tube, different sizes
Hollow tubes made of rubber, useable for weight and throw training...
From £9.43 *
Double Hand Mitt Double Hand Mitt
Kick pad for a fair price made of synthetic leather in expressive...
£19.34 *
Strike Shield 2 sizes Strike Shield 2 sizes
Firm padding. For kicks-to-the-body training, lower body and full...
From £55.43 *
Leg Stretcher Leg Stretcher
With a variable central traction bar. For a focused streching, pull...
£30.25 *
Boxsack Feder Training Bag Spring
Stable steel spring. Hung between training bag and mount to cushion...
From £4.46 *
Training Bag Standard 180 cm, unfilled Training Bag Standard 180 cm, unfilled
Made of black vinyl. For optimal performance of unfilled bags, do...
£63.37 *
Wrist and Ankle Weights Wrist and Ankle Weights
Rugged nylon fabric, filled with iron granules.
From £12.40 *
Strike Shield Curved Strike Shield Curved
Body shield with Target Point in red color in the center, made of...
£41.56 *
Sandsackkette Bag Chain
Complete length: approx. 46 cm
£15.77 *
Sandsackwirbel Punching Bag Joint
The KWON Punching Bag Joint (approx. 8 cm long, made of solid Iron)...
£3.87 *
Double Hand Mitt Dark Line Double Hand Mitt Dark Line
Developed for heavy duty full contact training.
£20.73 *
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