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Coaching Mitt round Coaching Mitt round
Coated with black PVC. With one wrist loop and one reinforced grip...
£22.71 *
Bruchtestbretter Break Board 5 pack
Disposable break boards made from native spruce. Boards are solid...
From £14.38 *
Leg Stretcher Leg Stretcher
With a variable central traction bar. For a focused streching, pull...
£28.66 *
Training Bag Standard 180 cm, unfilled Training Bag Standard 180 cm, unfilled
Made of black vinyl. For optimal performance of unfilled bags, do...
£60.39 *
Boxsack Feder Training bag spring
Stable steel spring. Hung between training bag and mount to cushion...
From £3.87 *
Dojo-Line Junior Target 3 colours Dojo-Line Junior Target 3 colours
Available in 3 vibrant colors, these lightweight DANRHO sparring...
£12.79 *
Boxsack ungefüllt Training Bag Standard 150 cm, unfilled
Training Bag Standard 150, made of black vinyl. For optimal...
£56.03 *
Quickband Quickband
An ideal supplementary training programme for fitness and all...
From £18.35 *
Strike Shield 2 sizes Strike Shield 2 sizes
For kicks-to-the-body training, lower body and full power...
From £53.05 *
Professional Jump Rope Professional Jump Rope
Rope from 90 degrees vertical swivel cord and rope knot wire...
£12.40 *
Bruchtestbretter DANROH Break boards for multiple use
Rebreakable Boards made of durable plastic, can be used many times...
From £16.36 *
Fly Target Fly Target
Very light weight target, especially made for Kids and Teens...
£36.59 *
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