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Break Board Kalyeo Break Board Kalyeo
Board made of toughened plastic with a break point in centre. This...
Skipping Rope Bronx Skipping Rope Bronx
PVC-coated steel rope for rapid rotation. Twin eyes on plastic...
Boxsack Feder Punch Bag Spring
Stable steel spring. Hung between training bag and mount to cushion...
Dojo-Line Junior Target Dojo-Line Junior Target
Available in 4 vibrant colors, these lightweight DANRHO sparring...
DANRHO Skipping Rope DANRHO Skipping Rope
Springseil mit Holzgriff und drehbarer Verbindung zum Seil....
Snap Hook Snap Hook
Snap hook acc. to DIN 5229C, made of galvanized standard steel,
Double Hand Mitt Double Hand Mitt
Kick pad for a fair price made of synthetic leather in expressive...
£16.76 £19.34 *
Judo Dummy Kinder DANRHO Nylon Judo Dummy
Judo training dummy with blue nylon outer shell and inner filling...
DANRHO Judo Tube, different sizes DANRHO Judo Tube, different sizes
Hollow tubes made of rubber, useable for weight and throw training...
DANRHO Arm Makiwara DANRHO Arm Makiwara
Soft padding. Made of imitation leather and heavy-duty cotton...
£36.59 £40.56 *
Skipping Rope SP Skipping Rope SP
Fast yet lightweight jump rope with plastic handles and vinyl cord.
Jump Rope Profi Speed Jump Rope Profi Speed
Rope from 90 degrees vertical swivel cord and rope knot wire...
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