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Fitness Boxing Gloves Fitness Boxing Gloves
A lightweight glove for boxing/fitness training with/without sand...
From £22.31 *
SD gloves Virtus SD gloves Virtus
The handguards made of genuine leather have an extra thick padding...
£28.26 *
Inner gloves Inner gloves
The permanent-stretch, bandage-like fabric offers additional support.
£5.45 *
DANRHO Inner Gloves DANRHO Inner Gloves
Made of 100% cotton. Ideal for training and competition. Avoids...
£3.87 *
Energy punch bag gloves Energy punch bag gloves
Tough leather gloves with plastic core (5 cm) for intensive use on...
£22.71 *
Innenhandschuhe Inner glove open finger
The elastic bandage is very tinght fit stabilizes and supports the...
£4.86 *
Padded Inner glove Padded Inner glove
Ankle padding on the back of the hand absorbs shocks and providing...
£5.86 *
Sandsackhandschuhe Open Finger punch bag gloves
Leather with inner grip strip, individual finger padding,...
£20.73 *
Boxhandschuhe Fitness Reflect, schwarz, rot, weiß, blau, silber, 10 oz Boxing glove Fitness Reflect 10 oz
A light yet high quality glove for Box-fitness training with or...
£26.28 *
Ultimate Glove Ultimate Glove
High-quality Open Fingers gloves in durable genuine leather. The...
£37.19 *
Anti-Geruchsspray Anti-Odor Spray
The CFC-free pump spray (250 ml) contains spores that "eat" the...
£14.38 *
DANRHO Liftn Punch Gloves DANRHO Liftn Punch Gloves
DANRHO - Innovation: a light weight-lifting-glove, also suitable...
£14.67 * £16.36 *
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