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Belly Pad Muay Thai Belly Pad Muay Thai
The Chest Shield Muay Thay was specially developed for hard kicks...
Bauchschild Chest Shield Repulse
As thick and as shock absorbing as a KWON Body Shield, but can be...
Throat Protector Guard Throat Protector Guard
The ruff is a supplement to the Guard Self Defence Armour Plus -...
Oberschenkelschutz Thigh / Hip Protector Low Kick
This anatomically formed thigh and hip protector made of 100%...
Kopfschutz / Helm Move Guard Helmet Move Guard
Especially recommended in combination with our MOVE GUARD Full...
Thigh Pad Muay Thai Thigh Pad Muay Thai
The thigh protector was specially developed for hard kicks in Muay...
Self-Defence Armour Guard Plus Self-Defence Armour Guard Plus
An additional layer of soft foam (approx. 1,5” thick) was added to...
Full-Protection Helmet Guard Plus Full-Protection Helmet Guard Plus
Only available separately, especially recommended in combination...
Armour Move Guard Armour Move Guard
This high quality armor offers maximum protection without...
Face Mask Guard Face Mask Guard
Made of rigid flexible polycarbonate.
Move Guard Hose Pants Move Guard
High-quality single pants of Move guard selfdefence Armour (Article...
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