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Oberschenkelschutz Thigh / Hip Protector Low Kick
This anatomically formed thigh and hip protector made of 100%...
£41.90 *
Kopfschutz / Helm Move Guard Helmet Move Guard
Especially recommended in combination with our MOVE GUARD Full...
£194.50 *
Bauchschild Chest Shield Repulse
As thick and as shock absorbing as a KWON Body Shield, but can be...
£95.90 *
Oberschenkelschutz Thigh Protection
Worn like shorts, simply pull on over what you already have on....
£33.90 *
Self-Defence Armour Guard Plus Self-Defence Armour Guard Plus
An additional layer of soft foam (approx. 1,5” thick) was added to...
£676.90 *
Face Mask Guard Face Mask Guard
Made of rigid flexible polycarbonate.
£65.90 *
Full-Protection Helmet Guard Plus Full-Protection Helmet Guard Plus
Only available separately, especially recommended in combination...
£112.90 *
Armour Move Guard Armour Move Guard
This high quality armor offers maximum protection without...
£838.90 *
Move Guard Hose Pants Move Guard
High-quality single pants of Move guard selfdefence Armour (Article...
£249.90 *
Belly Pad Muay Thai Belly Pad Muay Thai
The Chest Shield Muay Thay was specially developed for hard kicks...
£109.50 *
Thigh Pad Muay Thai Thigh Pad Muay Thai
The thigh protector was specially developed for hard kicks in Muay...
£126.50 *
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