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Bokken, red oak Bokken, red oak
The traditional Japanese wooden sword is suitable for sword...
£13.05 *
Junior Bokken Holz Junior Bokken red oak
The about 80 cm long Bokken made of red oak is due to the shorter...
£12.47 *
Tanto Holz Tanto Wood, red oak
Short Japanese dagger used in self-defense training and...
£5.71 *
Samurai-Schwert Holz Samurai Sword, red oak
The wooden sword is perfect for the sword fighting training. The...
£10.15 *
Ninja Bokken Ninja Bokken, black
The about 87 cm long black wooden sword is suitable for weapon...
£12.47 *
Bokken Eiche Bokken, white oak
The traditional Japanese wooden sword made of white oak is...
£20.79 *
Bokken Bokken red oak with wood scabbard
with wood scabbar
£32.77 *
Cane with round handle Cane with round handle
Perfect for self defence training. Made of light weight wood.
£21.17 *
Bokken red oak Bokken red oak
With plastic hilt and waistband Length: approx. 100 cm
£32.39 *
Junior Bokken 80cm Bokken Short, white oak
The approx. 80 cm long Japanese wooden sword is made of white oak.
£14.99 *
Stick Sparring 22 cm Stick Sparring 22 cm
For simulation of training with Kobutan or closed telescope stick.
£6.67 *
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