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Tanto Holz Tanto Wood, red oak
Short Japanese dagger used in self-defense training and...
Bokken, nature Bokken, nature
The traditional Japanese wooden sword is suitable for sword...
Bokken Eiche Bokken, white Beech
The traditional Japanese wooden sword made of white Beech is...
Bokken with plastic scabbard Bokken with plastic scabbard
Beech wood bokken with plastic hilt and waistband Length: approx....
Cane with round handle Cane with round handle
Perfect for self defence training. Made of light weight wood.
Samurai-Schwert Holz Samurai Sword, red oak
The wooden sword is perfect for the sword fighting training. The...
Ninja Bokken Ninja Bokken, black
The about 87 cm long black wooden sword is suitable for weapon...
Junior Bokken Holz Junior Bokken red oak
The about 80 cm long Bokken made of red oak is due to the shorter...
Junior Bokken 80cm Bokken Short, white oak
The approx. 80 cm long Japanese wooden sword is made of white oak.
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