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Stock Gun Stick Gun
Wu Shu Stick made of light natural grown rosewood. The conical...
£12.79 *
Bo Stick, Rattan Bo Stick, Rattan
The lightweight and flexible about 182 cm long bo stick is mainly...
£22.71 *
Bo Stab Bo Stick with tapered ends
The about 182 cm long traditional Japanese long stick is made of...
£21.33 *
Jugend-Bo-Stab Bo Stick with tapered ends
The approx. 153 cm long Bo staff with thin ends is made of red...
£15.38 *
Bo Stick Bavaria 182 cm Bo Stick Bavaria 182 cm
The very robust 182 cm long Bo stick made of German red oak is...
£30.25 *
Bo Stick, white oak Bo Stick, white oak
The 152 cm or 182 cm long Japanese staff weapon is made of white...
From £20.73 *
Bo Stab Bo Stick 182 cm, red oak
The about 182 cm long Japanese long stick mode of red oak is...
£19.34 *
Hanbo Hanbo with tapered ends, red oak
The approx. 110 cm long red oak Japanese wooden weapon is suitable...
£14.38 *
Bo Stab Bo Stick 150 cm, red oak
The about 150 cm long Bo staff made of red oak is suitable for...
£17.76 *
Bo Case - outer made of artificial leather, without any logos. High...
£16.76 *
Bo Stab DANRHO Bo Stick, 183 cm
Heavy oak. Length: approx. 183 cm, Ø approx. 3,2 cm
£23.71 *
Cane with round handle Cane with round handle
Perfect for self defence training. Made of light weight wood.
£21.72 *
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