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Doppel Coaching Mitt Double-Coaching Mitt Contender
Made of high quality artificial leather with extra dense foam core...
£31.63 *
Coaching Mitt Leder Coaching Mitt Leather
Outer material 100% full grain leather, developed for professional...
£58.41 *
Arm Mitt curved Arm Mitt curved
Made of novel imitation leather, which combines the properties...
£33.62 *
DANRHO Coaching Mitt Grip DANRHO Coaching Mitt Grip
The about 6 cm thick soft punch pad is suitable for all kind of...
£33.62 *
K-Pad Strike Pad K-Pad Strike Pad
Made of premium, extremely durable synthetic leather. Round shield...
£23.30 *
Bulgarian Bag Bulbag Bulbag
Extremely versatile training device is particularly suitable for...
From £83.21 *
DANRHO Dummy Vinyl DANRHO Dummy Vinyl
Fixed charge for professional use for training of techniques for...
£251.39 *
Power Bag 20 kg Power Bag 20 kg
The KWON fitness bag is the ideal accessory for functional...
£59.00 *
Arm Mitt Dark Line Arm Mitt Dark Line
Developed for heavy duty full contact training. Outer material made...
£25.29 *
Kettlebell Kettlebell
Developed in Russia, this easy to handle training tool will help...
From £21.72 *
Quick Band Professional Quick Band Strong Professional
Professional version of our KWON Quickbands. Extremely durable and...
£66.94 *
DANRHO Battle Rope DANRHO Battle Rope
Hemp rope, best quality, German handcraft. The rope training will...
£167.49 *
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