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Kali Stock Kali stick
Stick for the Filipino art of Kali training. Made from bamboo....
From £7.44 *
DANRHO Kali stick DANRHO Kali stick
Wooden Kali stick with interesting burn pattern.
£6.45 *
Escrima Stock Escrima Stick
Oak, available in two coulors.
£12.40 *
Arnisstock Brandmuster Arnis stick
With wrap-around burnt design.
£15.38 *
Arnisstock philippinisch Arnis Stick, Philippine
Length: approx. 65 cm long, Ø approx. 2,5 cm
£12.79 *
Arnis Stock Rattan Arnis Stick, rattan
Length: approx. 65 cm long Ø approx. 3 cm
£12.79 *
Arnis Stock Brandspirale Arnis stick
With burnt spiral, whitout engraving, red oak
£12.79 *
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