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Boxbandagen weiß rot pink blau schwarz Hand Wraps elastic 2,5 m
With hook and loop fastener and thumb loop. Elastic material. Sold...
£5.86 *
Box bandages non-elastic 4,5m Box bandages non-elastic 4,5m
Very long bandags, suitable for Muay Thai or MMA, or Self Defence.
£7.83 *
Boxbandagen elastisch rot, blau, weiß, schwarz, gelb Elastic boxing bandages 2,5m
High-quality boxing bandages with Velcro closure and thumb loop...
£7.83 *
Tischgong Table-top gong
Table-top gong, Comprising stand, gong and hammer (metal). Dia....
£39.18 *
Print Thaiboxing in thai lettering Print Thaiboxing in thai lettering
Print Thaiboxing in thai lettering, black, size approx. 32 x 18 cm
£3.48 *
Ringseilbanner KWON Ringrope banner
Ringrope banner, with velcro closures on the backside for...
£32.63 *
Fight Timer Desk Installation Fight Timer Desk Installation
Electronic chronometer for all kind of martial arts sports. Ideal...
£231.96 *
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