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Plastic Gun Plastic Gun
With the realistic plastic pistol disarming an attacker is...
£13.05 *
Training Boot Knife Training Boot Knife
Realistic-looking blunt dagger made of heavy aluminum is suitable...
£8.21 *
Junior Bokken Holz Junior Bokken red oak
The about 80 cm long Bokken made of red oak is due to the shorter...
£12.47 *
Foam Knife EVA Foam Knife EVA
Training knife made of EVA foam is suitable for the training of...
£1.83 *
Aluminum Knife Short Aluminum Knife Short
Aluminium knife for realistic self-defense training, unsharpened...
£8.61 *
Stick Medium 55 cm Stick Medium 55 cm
Foam stick Medium for simulation of training with open telescope...
£9.19 *
Jo Stab Jo stick, white oak
Length: approx. 127 cm Ø approx. 2,3 cm
£16.33 *
Bo Stick, Rattan Bo Stick, Rattan
The lightweight and flexible about 182 cm long bo stick is mainly...
£22.13 *
Tonfa Okinawa natural, short Tonfa Okinawa natural, short
The Tonfa made of natural red oak, natural has a length of about 46...
£16.33 *
Tonfa Okinawa Tonfas Okinawa, natural
The wooden Tonfa made of red oak has a length of about 50 cm, and a...
£16.33 *
Tanto Holz Tanto Wood, red oak
Short Japanese dagger used in self-defense training and...
£5.71 *
Shinai Bag Shinai Bag
Cotton with printed motive and shoulder belt fits 1-2 Shinais.
£16.33 *
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