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Jo Stab Jo Stick, red Oak
Length: approx. 128 cm, Ø approx. 2,3 cm
£16.36 *
Schlagstock Sparring Sparring stick
Resilient truncheon in solid foam rubber shell with additional...
£10.81 *
Junior Bokken Holz Junior Bokken wooden, red oak
Trainings sword Length: approx. 80 cm
£12.40 *
Kali Stock Kali stick
Stick for the Filipino art of Kali training. Made from bamboo....
From £7.44 *
Escrima Stock Escrima Stick
Oak, available in two coulors.
£12.40 *
Bokken red oak Bokken red oak
With plastic hilt and waistband Length: approx. 100 cm
£31.63 *
Jo Stab Jo stick, white oak
Length: approx. 127 cm Ø approx. 2,3 cm
£16.36 *
Stock Gun Stick Gun
Natural grown rosewood
£12.40 *
Schaumstoff Stock Stick with foam covering
Soft Training Stick with Foam cover
£24.30 *
Jo-Tanto carrying case Jo-Tanto carrying case
Outer made of artificial leather, without any logos. High...
£16.76 *
Shark knife Shark knife
Wooden trainingknife with EVA foam covering.
£13.78 *
Realistic Training Pistol Realistic Training Pistol
Heavy plastic pistol realistic appearance regarding optics and...
£16.36 *
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