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Junior Bokken Holz Junior Bokken red oak
The about 80 cm long Bokken made of red oak is due to the shorter...
£12.79 *
Shark Knife Shark Knife
Wooden trainingknife with EVA foam covering.
£14.38 *
Training Knife Survival Training Knife Survival
The realistic-looking blunt exercise knife made of aluminum is...
£8.43 *
Jo Stab DANRHO Jo Stick, diameter 25 mm
The approx. 127 cm long Aikido Jo Stick is made of heavy oak and...
£16.76 *
Jo Stab Jo stick, white oak
Length: approx. 127 cm Ø approx. 2,3 cm
£16.76 *
Foam Knife XPE Foam Knife XPE
Training knife made of XPE foam is suitable for the training of...
£2.48 *
Yoseikan Soft Stick Combo Official Yoseikan Combo Soft stick
Yoseikan “COMBO” soft stick officially licensed by the...
£14.38 *
Bo Stab Bo Stick 182 cm, red oak
The about 182 cm long Japanese long stick mode of red oak is...
£19.34 *
Yoseikan Soft Stick Tchobo Official Yoseikan Tchobo Soft Stick
Yoseikan “TCHOBO” soft stick officially licensed by the...
£34.61 *
Bokken Eiche Bokken, white oak
The traditional Japanese wooden sword made of white oak is...
£21.33 *
Schaumstoff Stock Stick with foam covering
Soft stick with foam cover is available in red or blue and can be...
£25.29 *
K-TAC Training Soft Stick K-TAC Training Soft Stick
The robust about 50 cm long baton is covered with real leather and...
£24.69 *
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