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Kubotan Schlüsselanhänger Kubotan Key Chain
For Self Defence and Self Defence Traning.
£7.44 *
Schlagstock Sparring Sparring stick
Resilient truncheon in solid foam rubber shell with additional...
£10.81 *
Schlagstock Schaumstoff Softstick
The approximately 60 cm long padded baton is perfect for stick...
£11.81 *
Realistic Training Pistol Realistic Training Pistol
Heavy plastic pistol realistic appearance regarding optics and...
£16.36 *
Rubber Knife in 2 Lengths Rubber Knife in 2 Lengths
Rubber Knife, small approx. 24 cm, large approx. 27 cm
From £3.87 *
Plastic Gun Plastic Gun
With the realistic plastic pistol disarming an attacker is...
£12.79 *
Head Guard with mask Head Guard with mask
High quality synthetic leather head guard with face shield and...
£52.46 *
Aluminum Knife Short Aluminum Knife Short
Aluminium knife for realistic self-defense training, unsharpened...
£8.43 *
Curved Knife Curved Knife
Wooden trainingknife with EVA foam covering.
£13.78 *
Tactical Pen Tactical Pen
Tactical Pen, the stable tip can be used as a Kubotan or as glass...
£20.73 *
Coaching Mitt Soft for starters Coaching Mitt Soft for starters
With particularly soft, impact-absorbing target area for starter...
£18.35 *
Training Boot Knife Training Boot Knife
Realistic-looking blunt dagger made of heavy aluminum is suitable...
£7.83 *
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