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Bruchtestbretter Break Board 5 pack
Disposable break boards made from native spruce. Boards are solid...
From £14.38 *
Coaching Mitt round Coaching Mitt round
Coated with black PVC. With one wrist loop and one reinforced grip...
£22.71 *
Karate uniform Traditional black 12 oz Karate uniform Traditional black 12 oz
Proven durability: this 100% cotton canvas karate uniform can take...
From £63.96 *
Bruchtestbretter DANROH Break boards for multiple use
Rebreakable Boards made of durable plastic, can be used many times...
From £16.36 *
Breaking board plastic 10-pack one-way Breaking board plastic 10-pack one-way
Made of environmentally friendly plastic-rest-material in 10-pack.
£16.76 *
Junior Mitt Junior Mitt
Very lightweight KWON CLUBLINE focus mitt for Kids.
£14.38 *
Makiwara Makiwara
For hardening striking points. Foam padding on wooden base. Covered...
£18.74 *
Arm Makiwara DANRHO Arm Makiwara
Made of imitation leather and heavy-duty cotton canvas. Four sturdy...
£38.58 *
DANRHO Wall strike pad Makiwara DANRHO Wall strike pad Makiwara
Wall striking bag for punch training, e.g. edge of hand and finger...
£13.78 *
Coaching Mitt Dark Line Coaching Mitt Dark Line
Developed for heavy duty full contact training. Outer material made...
£24.69 *
Coaching mitt Anthracite Coaching mitt Anthracite
Padding approx. 4 cm. Combination of leather (sides) and vinyl....
£20.33 *
Trillerpfeife Referee's whistle
Perfect for sports and leisure.
£4.46 *
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