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Bruchtestbretter Break Board 5 pack
Disposable break boards made from native spruce. Boards are solid...
from £25.68
Break Board Kalyeo Break Board Kalyeo
Board made of toughened plastic with a break point in centre. This...
from £23.70
Coaching Mitt Junior Coaching Mitt Junior
Very lightweight KWON CLUBLINE focus mitt for Kids. With...
Coaching Mitt rund Coaching Mitt round
Medium soft padding. Coated with black PVC. With one wrist loop and...
Strike Shield Soft for Starter Strike Shield Soft for Starter
The extra soft and lightweight punch pad has been specially...
Makiwara Dragon Makiwara Dragon
For hardening striking points. Foam padding on wooden base. Covered...
Doppel Coaching Mitt Double-Coaching Mitt Contender
Made of high quality artificial leather with extra dense foam core...
DANRHO Kick Blocker, approx. 30,5 cm DANRHO Kick Blocker, approx. 30,5 cm
Foam Sticks especially for self-defense training.
£22.71 £26.68 *
Strike Shield KWON myDESIGN Strike Shield KWON myDESIGN
This medium-sized soft strike shield is characterized by its light...
£38.68 £45.52 *
DRACHENKRALLE Coaching Mitt purple DRACHENKRALLE Coaching Mitt purple
The lightweight and very soft hand target for children aged 3 to 6...
Coaching Mitt Twist Coaching Mitt Twist
Focus mitt with open fingers is made of high quality leather and...
Coaching Mitt KWON myDESIGN Coaching Mitt KWON myDESIGN
Punch pad made from 4 cm thick foam, upper in black synthetic leather.
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