Majlinda Kelmendi will start at the Judo Grand Prix in Zagreb

In the past Majlinda did not have strong competitions since end of 2017 due to injury problems.

In the lean time other athletes from the Kosovo Judo Federation has a lot of big medals with Danrho judo gis.

In april there was European Champion 57 kg Nora Gjakova and Vizechampion Distria Krasniqi 52 kg.

Previous in February Akil Gjakova 73 kg won the Grand Slam Paris. 

Now Majlinda has recovered and her next big event will be the Judo Grand Prix in Zagreb in July.

Majlinda is a double World Champion (2013, 2014), triple European Champion (2014, 2016, 2017) and Olympic Champion (2016).
We wish her very success in this next challenge.


Tags: Judo, Danrho

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